The origins of theArk

TheArk is a colorful clothing line for young people, it has been a long process to arrive this far.
This adventure has started 7 years ago when I was designing a campaign to communicate with stories, I decided to use animals representing peoples characteristics and emotions.
The result was a series of some animals that quite fast started to be related to my style. I have never searched for any style but apparently style is something people grow with.
It is a personality by itself, everybody has a particular style and taste. Going back to this presentation, back in that time I have received requests from friends to put my pets in shirts; It was then I decided to make a small presentation of my work and include some shirts and other design Items, such as lamps, interactive art works and share them with friends at an design+art evening. In that time I was also designing a logo for an organic coffee company, in that team of designers I have designed the logo and I got involved in the whole concept of sustainable production as an alternative for new markets and economies. I was fascinated by this way of thinking and producing; where natural materials and a fair relationship between producers and traders also involves consumers and make this last as an important factor in the change of economics. From that moment I was convinced that a designer should also have the commitment to help small producers to arrive to a bigger market. I started the “Arch of Noah”, with a series of natural t-shirts with original designs, to share the joy of life. “Come as you are” was the slogan used with the idea of giving the feeling of being natural by materials and also by attitude. (the origins first part…)